Feb 12, 2009

Financial Assistance

One family member back home is needing our help. My brother needs a mean of transportation that he can use going to and from work. He is working in night shift. Due to late off duty hours, he cannot go home so he just stay, sleep somewhere at work until the morning comes. In addition, the fare rates are getting high. It is very inconvenient.

I am so willing to help my brother. We discussed searching financial assistance with payday loans. If managed effectively, loan payments will be easy. There are many lenders who offer payday loans. My brother and I should make a wise decision on this.


Carlos said...

Hi,Happy Valentine's day to you too.Cheers.

Mizé said...

Happy Valentine´s Day!
Just returning drops, very late at night...:)
Good weekend!

G said...

from jakarta Indonesia with love :)
happy valentine's day :)

Euroangel said...

happy valentine's day a valentine's tag in my Simply The Best Blog..check it out..thanks!!

Mizé said...

You were tagged with Valentine´s Love!
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Happy VD!

reanaclaire said...

hi Marly, r u using yr own domain? i tot of buying one.. what do u suggest?