Feb 15, 2009

A Date With The Man I Love On Valentine's Day

Here is my honey and I on Valentine's Day. Instead of going out to dinner, we had our supper at home because we it was very crowded in the restaurants. He baked chicken and made some dirty rice which I like. And to make the dinner more romantic, he prepared a glass of red wine. Then we tried the chocolates from Russell Stover, his surprise present to me.

You know, it is very important to have some romance in a relationship. The mere fact that romantic dates bring spark to a man and a wo man, it also give the feeling of being valued. On occasions like this, a simple preparation to dinner makes a difference. It gives warmth in the hearts of couples like us. Also, it helps in keeping the love alive in our marriage. I love my honey for being the person he is-sensible, respectful, sweet, easy to get along with, and funny.


chubskulit said...

yup, simplicity is beaty and every little thing that our hubby does is always special!

amging said...

Nice and Sweet

Mharms said...

thank ladies. yes it simplicity brings the best sweetness :)