Feb 5, 2009

High School Life

High school life was the fun part of my life-the time when my life as a teenager heightened. Curiosity and discoveries on the things around me had brought some good and bad experiences. The values, as well as the lessons I learned, has molded me into the person I am today.

Though my family had a hard time sending me and my siblings to school, the daily struggles did not deter me to stop pursuing my high school education. I had many fun memories during my high school days. And I cannot help myself smile when I think about them.


vicy said...

Blog hopping here too..Suroy jud tanan blogs nimo..hehe!!

Euroangel said...

got a lot of fun in my school days too...visiting you

MharMS said...

@ vicy
hahaha! real fun isn't it?

@ angel
you are right. student life is enjoyable and memorable.

Kikit said...

people often say high school life is the most exciting part of a student's life. in my case, i enjoyed my college life more. :) guess it depends on how you spent it. :)