Feb 1, 2009

Weekend Celebration In Tyler

My two days off passed by so fast. It is now Sunday night and we are few hours away to another working day. My honey and I went to Tyler for the weekend. His parents invited us to come over to celebrate my birthday with the family. We had dinner at Red Lobster Seafood Restaurant. I ordered Snow Crab Legs with Rice Pilaf. Mom and Dad had Seafood Platter and Fried Catfish for my honey. Well, I really do not remember what my sister-in-law and her husband had. Sorry for that. After the big dinner, we ate the chocolate cake my sister-in-law brought for me. Yummy! And she gave me a pretty shirt too!

Then this morning she came over to Mom and Dad's to trim my hair. Also she taught me how to put eye make-up. At lunch, Mom cook some pot roast. Boy, it was so good!

To Mom and Dad, S and K...thank you so much!

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