Feb 20, 2009

What Is Your Schedule This Weekend?

This is the question my honey asked me while we are having lunch today. I told him I will close the store tomorrow and Sunday. "So there is no chance for us to go somewhere tomorrow," he said. "What will I do on those days?", he asked.

Well, I told him that he can start working on his side project again. In fact, he already installed the program he needs for the job. I know what my honey wants to tell me. He wants us to travel to Oklahoma this weekend because we both know we miss going to the casino (chuckles). Maybe if I have two succeeding days off on a weekend this month, we will go to Oklahoma.


Euroangel said...

daghan ko shcedule this weekdnd mhars...hehehe...bag-o ra ko gijkan sa carnival parade....interesting!!

ayo2 dinha

Mharms said...

i know...i're a busy traveler :) u enjoy it.