Feb 26, 2009

Summer Getaway Suggestion

Couple of months from now summer is here before we know it. Just thinking about the enjoyable outdoor activities under the sun excites me. As early as now we want to plan our upcoming vacation. Pretty much we will travel out of the country.

There are many vacation spots that I would like to visit this summer. One of them is Florblanca, one of Costa Rica's luxurious resorts. I have been reading about Costa Rica's beautiful resorts. This place is a natural paradise. The mesmerizing and spectacular sea waters will capture everybody's hearts. The romantic beauty of nature shows that this is the enchanting destination for lovers like me and my honey. Oh boy, I wish there is an affordable rate for the two of us. So if you are thinking of a vacation this summer, explore Costa Rica resorts.


Lalique said...

hi friend happy weekend from TURKEY

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Anonymous said...

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Jacky said...

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Mharms said...

@ anonymous
thank you so much for sharing these links. I would certainly check them out.

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thank you for always coming by here. will send you my other blogs lalique