Mar 21, 2010

Smells Really Good With Renuzit Triscents

My apartment smells really good right now. Why? I got Renuzit Triscents Air Freshener. I have been looking for it in a while. I could not find it in some grocery stores nearby. One time I found a couple of scent variety but the one I like better wasn't there. And they are not so affordable at the grocery I went to. So I stopped searching until I surprisingly found one at Albertsons. You know what? It's the scent I like the most! Would you believe it? I guess that is the only one remaining since the store is having it's rearrangement and a staff must have found the air freshener behind the shelves or somewhere. But, I am glad I found it and paid only $2.00 (it's original price is $10 plus because it includes a plug).

Well, I am enjoying the scent of it. I wish I can find Renuzit Triscents again.


Yen said...

Wow,happy new air fresh scent. :-)

Mhar's Display said...

@ yen
yes, I feel happy :)