Mar 29, 2010

What Makes Your Heart Happy?

What makes my heart happy?

Simple things like:

The sound of birds chirping on a bright sunny day...the laughter of children playing outside...and the noise of construction vehicles running on the road with honks and hauls. 'Weird for the third one ain't I?

I just realize, when I was walking down to the back of the apartment complex that, my heart is happy hearing and seeing those huge trucks working on hauling dirt from the hill. Maybe, because, I am not used to the quiet surroundings. I like it when there is movement and sound.

Anyway, why are these trucks running here and there? According to my reliable source, a toll road is currently in progress...right by the apartment complex where we live! I spent a couple of minutes watching the work men and their trucks. Seriously, I enjoyed it though dusts are all over the place. It is the (frustrated) engineering work that interests me to watch them.

How about you?


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