Mar 24, 2010

Report Of Marriage And Passport Renewal

Okay, today I had my Report of Marriage documents and passport renewal application submitted to the Accredited Philippine Consul Notary Public. I would like my passport renewed and amended to my married name. There is a notice to all Philippine passport holders that we should have the Machine Readable Passport or MRP starting April 1, 2010. I was like, what? My passport will expire in 2012 but it is still the green one. That means I should get the new one soon!

In order for me to renew and amend my passport to MRP, I should have my marriage reported to the Philippine Consulate because it will be the basis to change my name. So I need to hurry for the filing and get an appointment at the Philippine Consulate Outreach in Texas which will be held on May 1-2, 2010.

All my paper works are in order. The person I talked to said they will give me a call for updates of the filing.


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