Mar 23, 2010

You Bet!

Like everyone else, I like sports. In fact, I had always participated in our Intramurals when I was in high school. I was not gifted with an athletic body but I did a good job then.

The most popular sports that people liked back home is basketball. Some are die-hard fans of local teams. I remembered that I even made some money out of it . How? I asked my family, neighbors and friends to bet on 'Ending' - the ending numbers of the basketball game's final scores. I won in my own 'Ending' card a couple of times. Sports betting in the 1990's, 'Ending' specifically, was rampant. My uncles did a few of basketball bettingbefore. They also bet on sports other than basketball.

I know winning is sweet but losing is bitter. All it takes is responsibility.


Sissym said...

I played basketball, so the games with balls it is my favorite. I always liked sports, my father was an athlete and loved to see me engaged in everything and then some. Read to laugh a little:


Yen said...

H mharms, visitng here. care for xlink?

OmahKido said...

permisi mau numpang baca2...makasih

Mhar's Display said...

@ Sissym
if you are athletic, you are fit and active. it's good to know that your Dad is sports minded. I like sports but I don't have the gift :)

@ Yen
sure we can exchange links. I will add you.

@ Omahkido
thanks for stopping.