Mar 18, 2010

Who Doesn't Want To Cook?

I do not know anything about cooking until I lived with my aunts in Manila when I was a working student. My aunt's sister-in-law prepares food for the family because my aunt doesn't know how to cook either. If the house has the complete kitchenware, who doesn't want to cook?

The sister-in-law taught me simple dinner meals. Of course, those are the food that I like cooking because they are very easy to prepare :) My cousins and uncle are picky eaters. He likes to have vegetables but the children are not much into it. So it is always the three food groups on the table. Healthy huh? Everybody should eat at the table on meal time. And the table should be set with proper china and flatware.

That's good though.


rsanders said...

HI.. just passing by,. I dont cook but I want to learn..

juliet said...

I love to cook but I only have time to indulge on weekends. It's really hard to plan on what to cook especially if you are preparing foods for picky eaters. I always end up asking my kids what they like to eats instead of cooking what I like to cook.

eliana said...

i love to cook..

Mhar's Display said...

you can learn if you really want to do it at home. it is fun.

@ eliana
that's good. i bet you're good at it.

@ juliet
yes it is hard. but they might like the food that you want to prepare for them. do not let them refuse your cooking :)