Mar 8, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: Taking Pictures Rain Or Shine

After getting off from work Friday night, we headed to Tyler for the weekend. My mother-in-law celebrated her birthday Saturday. Of course, I took some pictures.

At the rest area in Lindale.

Birthday gift for me from sis-in-law's kids.

Mom-in-law's present, and mine too :)

Enjoying the sun :)

Desert at Shogun Restaurant in Tyler.

And Sunday afternoon, I drove us home in this weather.

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gracie said...

cool site :)

Mhar's Display said...

@ gracie
thanks for the compliment :)


Me said...

envy you kay may araw na kayo tapos nakaka-upo na sa labas...huhuhu hindi pa pwede dito...

Marly said...

@ Me,
I like being in the sun and shade. I enjoy being outdoors so much especially in the summer :)


Mhar's Display said...

@ Me,
Whenever the sun shows up like this, I like to be out and enjoy it :)