Mar 26, 2010

Always Be Aware Of Store Return Policies

I do would like thank for considering the return of the merchandise I purchased online many weeks ago. See, I bought a computer accessory which supposed to for my laptop. But the wish of having a laptop is not going to happen anymore, I sent a communication that sincerely explains the reason why am I returning the item. And seriously, they accepted it.

But I have to sign an agreement. I am responsible to send back the item within 30 days or else, they will recharge me for its cost. As soon as I signed the agreement, processed the return online and they credited me a full refund.

I appreciate you for doing this. Thank you, thank you!


Ana Cristina said...

Thanks for your visit. Wish you a nice Monday!

dewapelangi said...

nice blog. i will visit back next time

Ruby said...

we don't have walmart here sis>>miss it when I visited vegas..maayo kay ilang gidawat..hehe