Aug 4, 2010

House Beautification And Home Improvement

Now we are in the middle of thinking on moving again soon. We need a bigger space because an addition to the family is coming. This time we might, yes we might, move back to our house.

Our house is still rented but, hopefully, we can go back there early next year. Though there is no definite status yet, my husband and I are already talking about house beautification...things like that. We have to repaint the outside. There are some things in the house that needs replacement. I want to replace the chandelier in the kitchen with a brighter one. The bulbs are kind of dim to me. I want a brighter home lighting so I can see the things easily, you know.

My friends suggest to look for crystorama lighting. They have a variety of home lighting collection that fits to theme of the house. I am so excited about this thought. My husband likes the idea too.

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Sylvia - Curtains said...

Hi, good stuff here. I'm a newbie reader of yours, but will be back!