Aug 20, 2010

Maintain A Good Credit Score

We will be tight with the budget in the next couple of months, for some reason. We need to pay some of the monthly bills in advance. This is in connection with our moving back to the house. I am glad that our major credit card obligation is close to getting paid off. Though my store credit card still has a balance on it, I am doing my best to pay on or before the due date in higher amount than the minimum balance so I will maintain a good credit score.

A friend advised me not to miss a payment and check my credit score on for free. In addition, paying promptly will get you into finishing the obligation fast.

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imelda said...

i just added ur link in my new wp site mhars.i hope u cud visit back.

ellenreviews said...

nice post! :D
thanks for the visit! :)
how about link exhange? let me know.

Mhar's Display said...

sure we can exlinks..
done adding you meldz and ellen.


ellenreviews said...

hello! check my page i post your link :)

have a good day!

Iceman said...

Shall we exchange links, please?

Please let me know, my URL is

lina@happy family said...

Nice info.
Drop by to say hello :)

Tey said...

of all the trouble that we had in our old townhouse and all the moving expenses.. ggggg.. me and my husband is trying our best to maintain a good credit score... We are praying hard
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imelda said...

hello mharms was here once again