Aug 22, 2010

Way Too Busy This Week

I have lots of plans this week. I might want to have a pedicure because my toenails look like 'I-don't-know'. I cannot reach my toes just to cut the nails. My belly is getting bigger for I am in the six weeks of pregnancy. My baby moves a lot and I love it.

My cousin's baby shower is on Saturday. I haven't bought a gift yet. I might shop with a friend later this week. My other girl friend invited me to her son's birthday the same day. I need to look for something to bring for his boy too. But before we go to the birthday party, my honey and I will visit the storage to check the space for a couple of moving boxes. Then, maybe, we might take my honey's co-employees (who came from China) to the Hong Kong Market on Sunday.

Besides packing stuff for the move, there are other things to do. I am gonna be way too busy this week. But I will be okay.

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imelda said...

take care always, preggy girl.

Mhar's Display said...

thank meldz :)