Apr 20, 2011

Brand New Television...Please.

Oh, not for now. 'Still have obligations to finish. Huge ones! *Even though this thing really aggravates us, we have to lengthen the string of patience. It is going on and off every time it is turned on. I can hear the sound but don't see nothing!

I hope the issue with the insurance and hospital billing department will get a complete, clear result so we know where we're at when it comes to payment. In this connection, a few plans lay ahead. *We need to get a new television! That's one.

Like I said, we have to finish these obligations before we can buy a brand new tv.

But, sponsors are welcome. :)

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Aira of Buy and Sell Philippines said...

Anong brand po ng t.v na binili nyo. Ska magkano po bili nyo.

Tina said...

Hope your plan of having a new television will be granted soon..

visiting from the Corsame Lane

Rhea Gulin said...

woah i know how it feels, my tv on my room was like that before. glad it is perfectly fine now.
why not go to a technician :)

and hey, can we exchange links?