Apr 10, 2011

Sleeping Well

My daughter sleeps in her crib very good. This is the third night she's is sleeping in her bedroom, which is nice. That means she is comfortable in her room. She have outgrown the bassinet already. I am doing my best to keep the consistency of our routine so everybody is gonna be happy. I love it!

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Mackenzie said...

Wow Ate Marly that's very very good that she's sleeping in her own room by herself. My little angel still sleeps with us in our bed until now. Sometimes it's hard because she keeps waking up when I move. Her room is in the other side of the house that's why she still sleeps with us. huhu!


Mhar's Display said...

hi Neth,
I guess you do not put her in her crib even if she's napping.
Try again and be patient. Sooner or later your little angel will become comfortable in her bedroom.