Apr 7, 2011

Second Round Of Shots

My daughter was given shots again today second round of the vaccination she had two months ago. She cried to the max again. The first time she got her vaccines, my baby had slight fever. Infant Tylenol helped in relieving the pain and fever.

From work, my honey had to meet us at the doctor's office. I thought of stopping in a restaurant for lunch but it was almost time for our appointment. So I just snacked a little. After the doctor's visit we went to see my cousin and her family in Plano.

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elaishatan said...

want to exchanges link with me sweety?let me know pls tnx a lot

Des said...

Hi Mommy! Thanks for the visit! EC dropping here too. My son was crying hard too every vaccine sessions. He's really not a cry baby, but he can't help it with vaccines. He probably got it from me, I'm super scared too...but I'm OC that' why we're sort of vaccine junkie. Every vaccine needed, we take them. :-D I just have a paracetamol with us every time to manage the pain.

Have a great day! ;-)

nene said...

tnx for following me followed you too.

Sissym said...

Marly... Ahhhh, motherhood is just that. We want to eat, sleep, rest, etc. ... but it is no easy cos it is only hear cry we ran for our children. On vaccines ... when I took my daughter to a doctor center, just only to hear other babies crying, I cried too. So I could never go alone, I needed to go with somebody. The first vaccine was hard (BCG) cos took a long 2 or more months to be good the arm.


chubskulit said...

Hello mare, malaki na siguro ang angel natin dyan ah hehehe.. Thanks for the dalaw.. Join ka sa nostalgia ko every thursday para connect tayo lagi.. mwah!

Mhar's Display said...

@elaishatan and brooklyn, sure we can exlinks. done adding you. thank u.

@ nene, thank you much.

@ sissym, aw..motherhood really pays off good things because you sacrifice for the betterment of your family. when it comes to our children's health, we do the best we can to maintain their wellness.

@ des, we use infant fever and pain reliever here too. really works.

@ chubskulit,
mare! your inaanak is doing well. oo malaki na sya..4 months na. nakakaaliw na rin. sure join ako jan sa meme mo.