Apr 18, 2011

Summer Class

My little sister is taking summer classes. She went ahead and enrolled three subjects. Thankfully she passed Anatomy this year. My honey and I are so proud. I know it is very difficult because the subject requires good memorization.

There is a type of nursing book that my sister would like to have because it would be very helpful to her. The problem is, it can only be found in huge book stores. And those stores are located in other farther big cities. The possible solution is to have somebody from the school's nursing department buy the books the students need for the semester. And they will just give the amount of money needed for the books. In fact, my sister told me that this matter was mentioned at their orientation.

I am looking forward to knowing if my sister gets the book or not.

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Aira of Buy and Sell Philippines said...

Ang galing naman po ng sister mo proud po ako sa kanya mahirap mag memorize.

Mhar's Display said...

@ Aira, yea it's really hard. though her grade from that subject is not that high, I am thankful she got a good one.


Tina said...

Happy to hear about your sis.. my cousin also just graduated for from Cebu Doctors Hospital .. I am also so proud of her..

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Ebie said...

You can order nursing books on line, sometimes free shipping. Subukan mo sa B&N.