Apr 9, 2011

Fussiness At Big Daddy's

I was craving pork barbeque for dinner. I thought of Big Daddy's because we passed by it when we picked up the portraits this afternoon at JCP in Rockwall. Finally we had our portraits done after the disappointment we had from the other JCP store.

Anyway, the plan was to dine in at Big Daddy's. But the restaurant was fully occupied. And my little daughter, all of a sudden, got fussy. Surely it's because of the vaccination she had yesterday. And the place is kinda loud-cow bells banging whenever somebody is entering and exiting and a crew pours crushed ice in the soda machine. Baby startles and cries. So we agreed to order to go.

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anne said...

when my daughter had her vaccination before, I got teary eyed. If only I will be the one to feel the pain instead I would do it for her. I hope your baby is ok now. BTw I already followed you through GFC and ill be subscribing after this comment.

Mhar's Display said...

I couldn't stand it when she cried when they gave her the shots. But my daughter haven't had fever. Just fussiness the next day.
thank you for following anne.