Apr 11, 2011

Saving For Vacation

Many are asking (including my family) when our vacation to the Philippines will be. Some wants to see us, others just want to know. Our plan is within the last quarter of next year. Although it is quite a long time to wait, I am pretty excited about it. In fact, I am starting to check on rates and flights schedule.

Our vacation a year and a half ago was wonderful! We booked for cheap flights four months ahead of schedule. And surely we got the cheapest rates. I am hoping we will be lucky and get great deal on international airfares next year too. That way our we will be able to use our savings on buying pasalubong and treating my family to very nice dinners.

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vien said...

visiting you on a cool spring morning. :) cheers!

Sissym said...


I need to do the same thing and plan to visit my mother who lives in Berlin. I feel deeply miss her.

I hope you can visit your family and friends in Philippines. This time .... will be with 3! :)


Mhar's Display said...

hi vien, thank you :)

@sissym, aww..i hope you'll see her soon. I would love to see my family maybe next year. right, we'll travel with baby now :)