Apr 23, 2011

Golden Wedding Anniversary

What a wonderful dinner!  My parents-in-law's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration was successful.  Like in all the special occasions, all members of the family were here (Tyler).  Mom always does a great job cooking.  And has been the tradition Dad will cut the turkey meat.  And hey, my sister-in-law's cake was awesome too!

Everybody enjoyed dinner.  The little ones had fun playing and mingling with the adults.  My little one had a great time too.  Although she was showing signs of tiredness, she's just not giving up.  But now she is sound asleep after I fed her with rice cereal and milk.

I love it when families get together especially on a very special occasion like this.

Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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Mayet said...

being with the whole family is something I look forward,too.

btw, it's nice to know that I still have my link here, but can you change the

thanks so much

Mhar's Display said...

yes, one of the most important and precious time.

I will update your link. thank u for stopping by.