Nov 23, 2011

Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart

We will be going to Tyler for Thanksgiving celebration.  My SIL and her family are the hosts this year.  Like what my honey always say, we have a lot to be thankful for.  I completely agree.

So thankful for the...
safe and enjoyable vacation to the Philippines
blessings and good health of everyone in the family
my safe and successful delivery
everything went well in moving back to the house
opportunities on making money online and the husband's job
given opportunity to learn how to drive
strong self-esteem, values, and beliefs
my husband's family
my husband's understanding
my friends online and offline
year that is again full of love and blessings.

It is another year of Thanksgiving.  In general, we are giving thanks for the things received...good or bad.  Because either one has been a part of our becoming...of our attitude towards life and other people.  No matter what we do, we should be thankful to God, and appreciate what's around us.


Nortehanon said...

Aha, another blogger who hails from Region 8. Nice! :)

Pink MagaLine said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't we just love holidays? Thanks for dropping by dear! :D

Lainy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mhar!