Nov 27, 2011

Organizing My Closet For The Cold Weather Clothing

Oooh!  It's the cold months again.  I am sorting out my clothing.  I am organizing the fall and winter clothes in my closet.  There are few things I have to buy for the winter.  Some of my jackets and sweaters do not fit now because I gained weight due to pregnancy.  So I have to put them away - keep them together with my summer clothes hoping that time will come I can fit in them again.  Same with jeans and pants, most of them are tight now.

Like what I said, there are few things I have to buy for the winter as per clothing is concerned.  I do not have a hoodie, so getting a couple of hoodies would be a great idea.  Since I am kind of small-framed woman, only few stores sell brands of clothing that fits.  Opposite with my husband, he is a big guy.  Sometimes we are having a difficulty finding his size when we are shopping for an outerwear.  But there were times we're lucky to get good deals on extended sizes hoodies at Aerpostale.  Actually we did a good job shopping on Black Friday.  Only the clothes needed for the cold months were bought that day.  

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Sissym said...

In Rio de Janeiro's not need a heavy coat to protect us from the cold but in the northern hemisphere and euroupeus Countries yes. So I Know how is the closet of some countries cos them were busier than mine. Besides you having to prepare the clothes to be used, since the time they're kept accumulating fungus (mildew). Here too it happens.