Nov 29, 2011

The Gifts Are Ready To Ship

I am so late in sending the Christmas presents to my family this year.  Actually, I have not packed the box yet.  I just finished sorting out the clothing, body essentials, accessories, and chocolates.  I also just finished wrapping gifts for everybody.  Next is the packing of all of these in the box.  But there are still small bits lacking that I have to buy soon.  The package could have gone two months ago but I got very busy organizing a special event-my sister's 18th birthday.  

These gifts are ready to send.
And now, it's shipping will be delayed again because I will be busy preparing for my daughter's birthday party.  Sure my family understands my situation.  It's just that, there are outfits for my niece and nephews here that will not be worn on Christmas.  I am a little frustrated.

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