Nov 3, 2011

Vision Problems Solved With The Right Prescription Eyeglasses

After moving back to the house last year and all the important matters taken care of after my delivery, my honey and I are getting our periodical health check-ups one at a time. We prioritized the medical and dental check-ups. We already missed your annual eye appointment then.  Now that our schedules are back to normal, it is time for our eyes to be checked because both of us are experiencing vision problems.  Our eyeglasses need replacement too.

I am having headaches (in addition to periodic migraines), blurry vision in the afternoons, teary eyes, and glare sensitivity.  My honey is currently wearing  bifocals.  And he is getting uncomfortable with it. There are many things affected with poor vision.  Reading, writing, and even simple jobs in the house cannot be done very well without proper eyeglasses.  We are due for new prescription eyeglasses.  Our eye appointments should be scheduled soon.  Because of budget concerns, I need cheap eyeglasses for me.  Where else can I find cheaper prescription eyeglasses nowadays?  Zenni Optical.  Same as before, I can choose stylish eyeglasses for as low as $6.95! 

My vision has to be corrected and my honey's eyeglasses have to be replaced as soon as possible.  No time should be wasted. 

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