Nov 2, 2011

Stain-Free Carpet

Not almost done with one of the BIG chores today, carpet cleaning.  I finished vacuuming the bedroom except for my daughter's and the living room.  The areas are not available right now because she is playing here and there. 

One thing I liked about the carpet installed in our house is that, it does not stain easily.  I mean when something spilled on it, the substance is not absorbed by the carpet immediately.  So when the cleaning comes quickly, there is no stain.  Does it mean the carpet is stain-resistant?  Well, here is a word on "stain-resistant":

     Many carpets and sofas come pretreated with stain-resistant chemicals, which make liquids and potentially staining dyes pool on the surface of the fabric rather than sink right into it.  you can also apply your own stain barrier.  If you do decide to do the job yourself, opt for a stain repellent that prevents both oil- and water-based stains.

     Keep in mind that repellents work by creating a temporary barrier:  If a liquid hits teh surface, it will sit on top before sinking in.  So if you're standing there with a sponge, yes, they work.  but noting is truly stain-proof.  Another thing to consider:  Though treated materials are more durable, most of the chemicals in the treatments have never been tested for long-term health effects in humans, and research has shown that some of the chemicals used may have health risks.  If you're concerned about chemicals, the most natural option is to stick to washable casings and natural-fiber carpets that are not treated!

So we are cleaning our carpet twice a month  and, as needed, steam-clean it once every other year so the stain-resistant layer will not be removed.  And also we are very prompt in cleaning whenever a spill or a staining agent falls on the carpet.

Source:  Woman's Day Oct. 27, 2010
Stain Proof Your Home, p.34

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