Nov 6, 2011

Great Time With Friends At The Party

I was glad to see friends today at the birthday party.  We had fun, as usual.  Though the hosts were very busy, they were accommodating and welcoming.  The birthday girl had many guests.  The children were playing happily while the adults talked, eat, and...talked.  Hahaha!

It was windy and humid.  And it was a little warm inside the hosts house.  Maybe because there are lots of people or the temperature of the air-conditioning was not set properly.  Anyhow, everybody had a great time catching up while eating delicious food prepared for the party.


Jona said...

We have recently been to parties with family and friends. I want more time to be able to catch up.

my first Thursday  brownies post
our family

Mhar's Display said...

@Jona, it is really nice to socialize sometimes yeah?


caloy said...

get-together parties are really fuN! especially if you have not seen each other for a long time..