Feb 11, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Valentines Party With Friends

Actually, this was an advance Valentine's Party me and my girl friends here in Texas have been planning.  Gladly the party was scheduled on a weekend it was well-attended this evening.  The food was awesome as usual, and the games were fun.

Balloons and Prizes

Guests brought their own dish-entrees and desserts

The party is not complete without hearts and flowers

I joined the game called "Balloon Popping".  It was supposed to be played by couples.  Since most of the girls did not have their husbands with them, including me, we just paired ourselves.  The balloon has to be popped using our tummies.  My partner and I only popped seven balloons and the winning pair did nine.

 Balloon Popping Game


YANI said...

Wow you did well in celebrating Valentine's day :) You have great companions and had a great time. Cool!

Tess Chancellor said...

ang saya naman ,I am alone here in my place ,wala yatang pinoy dito or kung meron ay iilan at hindi ko really had a wonderful valentines with friends.

Anonymous said...

you celebrated the Valentine's like Christmas, cool! kainggit naman! hehe =)