Feb 26, 2012

I Enjoyed Shopping Today

I went shopping at my favorite women's clothing store today to avail the special discount they have on clearance items.  Gladly I went there because it's the last day to get the discount.  It's a beautiful day and people were out to enjoy the weather.  I guess most of us are at the mall. While shopping, I saw a nice sedan at the lobby.  I tried to peek on what the inside looks like but I couldn't.  It is surrounded by velvet rope stanchions to protect the car from being scratched.  It is a promotion that someone will be lucky to win the car in a raffle. 

The distance of the stanchions from the car are few feet away so the kids who are running around will stay away from it.  Those are good crowd control tools too.  Malls host sponsored events like mini-fashion shows.  And controlling the flow of the crowd using stanchions and barricades helps a lot.

I enjoyed shopping today.  And I am happy with my purchase. :)


Akbar El Hamed said...

i am looking your gust book but i didnt get it so i wrote comment... visit me back. thanks

michie said...

hi.i love discounts too,i usually buy girl stuff during mall wide sale..thanks for visiting my site.

Chriselle Sy said...

Sales are super awesome ;)

solution said...

nice story.

Marms said...

@akbar el hamed, I appreciate you visiting my blog. have a wonderful day.

@michie, oh yes. that's a girl thing :)

@chriselle sy, true. especially if you get the items almost for free.

@solution, thanks.