Feb 24, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: A Gift From My Friend In Thailand


A friend sent me a holiday gift and I just got it in the mail from Thailand.  We have been friends online for years and she is so sweet to me.  I did not expect it but I surely appreciate her thoughtfulness.  Now I have an addition to my scarf collection.

Thank you DS!


Marlene said...

I happen to have a colleague from Thailand. She gave me a winter scarf last time. Now, I must say that Thai, like you said, are sweet friends to have. They give something when they like you. Keep her dear, it's hard to find a foreign friend like her.

Malou said...

thats sweet i like your scarf mhars .

Marms said...

@Marlene and Malou,

My friend is very thoughtful. I haven't met her yet but hopefully, someday soon, we'll get to see each other in person.


bbtoo said...

I like your scarf...have a great weekend