Feb 28, 2012


Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

I booked our flights to a wedding in April using our clear internet connection. I used a website called The website searches through all of the other flight websites to try and find you the best rates and times. I ended up finding the best rate on Then, I used my account to log onto to purchase our tickets. Ebates is really a cool website. You use it as a spring board to do your internet shopping and you can get money back at the end of the quarter. We booked our flights and they were pretty expensive. Both ended up being a thousand dollars. We did get two percent back. That meant that we got twenty dollars back. It was sent to our PayPal account at the end of the quarter. Any money back is some money back. I love to save money and feel so much better spending money when I feel like I am getting a discount. I love! I just wish Ebay would sign up with them too.


Rocks said...

Thank you for dropping by at my blog :) I am always on the look out for discounted flights too!! :)

Mhar's Display said...

@rocks, you're welcome. yea, it's great to avail cheap flights especially on the holidays.


papel1 said...

I am going to have to check out eBates. Thanks for putting my entrecard ad on your blog.
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