Feb 23, 2012

Simple Things Are My Priorities Too

Feels like Spring already.  It's a beautiful day and I did not do much in the house today.  My daughter and I went out for a walk this morning.  She liked going outside to play. 

After lunch I decided to vacuum the carpet in the bedrooms.  It looks really dirty and dusty.  It's been a while since I have done that.  My plan this year is to beautify my least do some touch ups and rearranging the furniture.  Who wouldn't want to see a beautiful and well-organized home? As much as possible, I'd like to minimize clutters.  All the closets are full.  My husband advised me to start Spring cleaning.  I would do that little by little because my hands are full.  It is very hard being away from family because I do not have any assistance in doing chores at home.

Anyway, my daughter's needs are more important.  She is my priority now.  And simple things like walking around the neighborhood or in the park is a big deal to me.


papel1 said...

I like your blog and I too need to clean up clutter. And your photo of the Starbucks treat looks so good. I could use a cup now.

Marms said...

Thanks Judy. We can have a cup of latte sometime :)