Mar 6, 2009

And The Top 10 ECarders Of February Are...

...listed below. They are wonderful!

I know y'all are doing your best to accommodate your daily EC drops. And I am very glad that you do not forget to hit me in your schedules. Also, I appreciate some of you who leave comments in my posts. You are such sweet people. Comments are important to bloggers like me. To me, comments show our websites' worth.

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lizelement said...

seems you're doing great with e-cards, huh?! hehe.. good luck! anyway, i really don't know how that e-card works although i joined entrecard for the sake of having the square thingy to embed on my site.. hehe.. didn't know we can actually make money through it? how does it exactly works? i have mine but just a decoration in my site.. haha.. :)

Other Side said...

Great your post,Drop smile :) in weekend, dont forget to save forest :)

Dori said...

Just dropping by to say hi :)

Mharms said...

actually EC is a blog community where you can interact with other bloggers and do blog advertising. the square thing u are saying is the banner for you website. it is also a means of driving free traffic to your website or blog by advertising on other can do EC dropping where you hit the Drop word in the EC widget. in return you will get credits for every EC drop you make (you can use this to pay for advertising your website to get traffic). before we can sell EC credits but it is not allowed now.

@ other side
sure..i am nature lover.

@ dori
thank you. i appreciate you coming by

Euroangel said...

elow a tag for you here...ayo2 dinha kanunay..

Tey said...

hows ur work Marly.. I hope everything is great with you. Passing by here. Have a nice day to you
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addyforest said...

I am new on entrecard and I am doing my best everyday. I hope I'll be one of you someday. Care to exlink?