Mar 3, 2009

Godiva Teddy Bear 2009 Valentine's Edition

I thought I would not be able to get this pretty teddy bear 2009 Valentine's Edition from Godiva. This is the only one left at the customer service area of the store Friday night. Everything else were gone since the department store I am working in is having up to 70% discount sale.

When I worked closing Friday, I have not decided to buy the teddy bear until the last minute of going home. I told my associate to save the stuffed toy for me for I will pay for it the next day by phone. I was on a day off Sunday. We went to Dallas and Oklahoma so I did not get the chance to go to the store.
When I called my associate she said that the teddy bear was gone. But she told me she will ask our home department manager if there is another one left in the store. I was so upset. My honey said maybe it is not meant for me. So I just ordered and bought some scented candles instead. When I was done paying for the candles by phone, my associate told me that our home department manager found the last one Godiva teddy bear and she did not make me pay for it. She gave it to me as gratis. Yey! I was so happy! Now I have a new teddy bear.

Thank you so much Miss J!