Mar 12, 2009

What I Miss Back Home?

I am living here in the USA for a year now and there are a couple of things and stuff I miss so much:

I miss my mother's cooking,
...having an evening coffee with my father,
...watching cartoon movies with my niece and nephew,
...helping my youngest sister and the kids with their assignments,
...talks with my parents and siblings,
...eating meals together,
...going to market,
...riding a bus, jeepneys, and pedicabs,
...girl's talk with my friend sitting on the bench under the mango tree,
...weekend walks at the school grounds,
...the city crowds.

Sometimes my thoughts are flying here and there. Truly, I miss home.


Marie said...

there's really NO PLACE LIKE HOME :) Thanks for visiting my site..hope you visit it back again..can we xchange links?

ForestAddy said...

Yes I agree! There's no place like home. It is hard to be in a community that is so different from we are use to.