Mar 12, 2009

To Be Beautiful Is A Woman's Choice

Confidence is gained naturally. If a woman is happy with everything she has in her life, there is no question contentment can be achieved.

But we have the freedom of choice. The woman of today is independent and enjoys the privilege of being feminine. An example is the choice of engaging herself with cosmetic surgery. There are women who want to look more beautiful, more voluptuous, and more amazing by reducing a little piece of the body parts. Breast reduction is one of their options. I know the idea is somewhat intimidating to others but some celebrities are doing this. I watched a television show where they featured a celebrity who had done a couple of cosmetic surgeries. The result was amazing though. And it takes a competent and reputable surgical center to do it better.


jj-momscashblog said...

It is true that as women we have the choice to change what we don't like about our bodies if we have the financial means. But it is also true that some woman will look at their bodies and think that every little thing about them needs to be changed. Sometimes cosmetic surgery can be like a drug and they just keep finding something that they want to change. We should celebrate what we do have and realize that being unique is beauty in itself. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Mel said...

How can we have breast reduction if our breast is too just a thought.;-)

Mharms said...

@ JJ
the only people who can afford to this surgery are those women who have plenty of money

@ MEl
breast enlargement na yun :)

lankapo said...

As long as you are happy with your life, why do you want other people control your appearance or looks.

Stay the way you are

Liz said...

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