Mar 1, 2009

Organically Healthy Garden

This year, Spring officially starts on March 20. But as early as now, we are beginning to see the green colors around us again. The trees inside and out of the apartment complex is starting to grow their leaves too. My roses, on the other hand, are not doing any good. They were very pretty and blooming last year until the winter came. They started to wither then I saw little bitty white bugs around their leaves. My father-in-law told me to spray organic bug control on the leaves to kill the bugs. The bugs eat the leaves and nutrients, which cause the plants to die. Spraying bug control keeps harmful bugs from ruining the plants' growth.

My honey's parents have a very beautiful garden in the backyard of their house in Tyler. Their roses and other flowering plants bloom bunches of flowers. And their ornamental plants are very healthy! My father-in-law does most of the gardening work. He takes care of his plants and the garden itself. He likes watching TV shows about home and gardening where he gets information about good organic pest control products as well as effective gardening tips.

There is no doubt his garden will look very pretty this Spring. And I cannot wait to see my roses bloom again.


Mizé said...

Spring is arriving here too. I like gardening and will check the link.
A good Monday :):)

irish daisies said...

i didnt know u were from ft worth i lived there for a few years.. we just come from san antonio last month and moved to new mexico. next move to florida in 7 years :) hope u are healthy and happy

Rolly said...

Thank you for passing by. Yes, they are cute. Bacon has an extended family.

Samantha aka Wen said...

I bought some tulips and growing them in my garden. Can't wait to see them bloom come spring time

Mharms said...

@ rolly
really?wow..saya naman

@ Wen
that's nice. I hope they will give you many flowers. my roses are already dried now :(