Mar 29, 2009

Out-Of-Town Trip Canceled

Yes you read it right. We were supposed to see my cousin E and her husband T yesterday but it was canceled. My cousin's husband moved their scheduled trip to New Mexico today. The reason? E was upset with somebody in their church Friday evening. She got emotional and cried that night. T was worried. He said they will just go to New Mexico this Sunday to have E relax and relieve the stress she feels about a personal matter. Oh well, there are many more weekends to come. We will look forward to that.

Do not mind them E. What matters is that Tim loves you and you are together now...legally. See you soon.


Clarissa said...

Sorry to hear 'bout your cancelled out of town.hope everything's fine with your cousin.

Imelda said...

sorry to hear.. .i was here on monday to visit you.

Carlos said...

Hi,it was kind of you to drop by.Cheers.

Mharms said...

@ Clarissa
i told her there is nothing to be upset about. here in the USA, there are people who talk without thinking if they hurt others' feelings. this is part of her adjustment here.

Mharms said...

@ meldz
thank you so much melds

@ carlos
sure...i have been busy with my new job so I cannot hop more often. great to know you are ok too.