Mar 9, 2009

Delicious And Nutritious Greens

What is special about the green color? Green is the color that symbolizes abundance, health, and life. The special thing about it is that, we feel alive and healthy whenever we see the green surroundings and the food associated with it (green leafy vegetables and fruits).

Eating healthy, green foods should be part of a person's healthy lifestyle. A daily balanced diet should also be observed. Salad is one of the most common meal starters. My honey loves to eat tender green salad. Prepared almost with vegetables, it is truly delicious and nutritious. Health conscious like we are love it. There is no doubt that tender green salads will give you and me a healthy advantage too.


reanaclaire said...

thanks for coming by Marly..good day to u too..

Meryl said...

i like green...

one of my fave colors, like nature,vegetables...etc

JuLia d BuBbLes said...

grean is good!!

go nature!!

Modern Mom said...

We love the greens! I'm glad my kids love eating veggies even when they were very young.

ShedLife said...

hi mharms..sure..i already added ur link already..hope ull do the same :)

Carol said...

i like veggies when coupled with meat or fish. but i can't eat it alone. hehehe :D oh and i love green! <3

Clarissa said...

a green salad in our every meal is a MUST!!and my kids love them,too!

Greetings from Japan!Thanks for dropping by!^_^
Happy Thursday!

Mharms said...

@ reana
you are always welcome

@meryl, julia
yes yes yes! go nature. I love green too.

@ modern mom
we were not used to eating vegetables when we were young. but now I enjoy them all.

@ shedlife
thanks much. I added u too

@ carol
same here carol. when i was young i have to force myself to swallow them.

@ clarissa
i agree, they have all the health benefits.