Mar 1, 2011

Healthy Snacks

It is not cool to be sick. You cannot keep up with the priorities and you are not able to do anything at all. Your energy is consumed and your body is weak.

If you get sick, the time you spend with your family is limited. Thus, you will not enjoy it. What do we need to do to stay healthy and fit? Simple. Get plenty of rest, exercise more often, and eat right. Eat right means eat healthy foods. As what I read from an article, "Do not take for granted any of the food groups." So do your best to have them in every meal.

But for busy mothers like me, it is difficult to follow this advice sometimes. And most likely, we just prepare what we can find in the refrigerator especially in the middle of the week. Don't worry. You can make it up! Eat healthy snacks before each meal. It will help our body get going through the day. A piece of fruit or a protein bar is great. Make it a habit everyday.

During my pregnancy, I eat six times a day. Not big meals but small ones only. This helps my digestive system to digest the food properly without giving me a heartburn. The doctor advised the same thing now that I gave birth so I can get a proper nutrition for my baby.

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gagiers said...

you're right..our health is very we have to eat healthy food as much as we can:-)

happy tuesday:-)

Sissym said...

Sweet friend, kisses for you and family!

Pinx said...

health is wealth! visiting you here.

maritz said...

thanks for dropping by... oi member kana pinay mommy bloggers?mic

gust hidink said...

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