Mar 7, 2011

Flu Symptoms?

I hope my honey will feel much better now that he is taking some decongestant pills. His cold is gone but the coughing is still making him feel terrible. It has been four days since it started.

We were both worried because he thought it might be the flu. He was sneezing hard and had a dry cough the past few days. Seemed like he was experiencing the flu symptoms. His body's weak that he needed to go to bed early (after dinner) and sleep long hours. It was terribly bad and not an enjoyable week for my honey. Flu is a seasonal sickness. We did not get the shots last year thinking we will not get the flu.

As of the moment, my honey is taking pills for chest congestion. My MIL gave them to him while we were at her house. I rub his chest, back, and throat with vapor rub so he can breath easily, especially at night. Treating flu symptoms. Yes, that's what we are doing.

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