Mar 9, 2011

High School Special Event

My cousin sent an email with a picture of her at the JS Prom. It was a nicely captured picture of her and her partner. She was wearing a gray strapless dress matched with a gray purse. Her partner was in a gray suit too. She did not know that until the prom night.

What I like about JS Prom is that, young ladies get to wear their elegant prom dresses and show the world that they are not girls anymore. To me it is a very special event for the Junior and Senior students. It is a moment worth remembering.

When I was in high school, the idea of joining the JS Prom did not came easy for me. My parents couldn't afford buying me a new dress, so they went and rent cheap prom dresses. It was fine with me because the dresses were only worn once. But it would be better if I got to own them. (Smiles.)

My cousin's dress is pretty. She looked cute in it. Reminds me of the style of the junior bridesmaid dresses that she and my sister wore at our other cousin's wedding last year.

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