Mar 30, 2011

Complimenting The Friendship

Blogging allows you to meet new friends. I am very proud that I met a friend who is very sincere and kind. Though we are miles away, she keeps in touch. And you know what? She even sent me and my daughter lovely gifts from Brazil! My friend SissyM is so sweet.

I am taking this tag to compliment her friendship, and sharing things about me.

1. I love singing. Yup! But I only do a concert in my house. Sometimes I sing karaoke with friends too.
2. Emotional person. Cry baby.
3. I love the outdoors, except for winter season.
4. The eldest in the family.
5. First time to travel international.
6. Likes going to the mall.
7. I am thoughtful and caring.

Now it is your turn to compliment me. Haha!

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