Mar 26, 2011

So They Can Sprout

Me and my family stopped by at Home Depot to get some tomato seeds. My honey wants to start planting them so they can sprout and ready for transfer in the plot after the last freeze. He also bought pots for my herb seeds (from

There are different types of flowering plants in the store too. I sure wanted to buy a couple but our flower bed is not ready yet.

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DorothyL said...

Love the flowers...brings spring into my world that much quicker.
It is still so cold here in Canada~

Mhar's Display said...

Spring time is my favorite though it still a bit cooler. Sometimes it brings the last freeze of the season. but it's ok. I hope you stay warm.


Sissym said...

Dear friend,

I love flowers, I always have mini roses sprouting. I feel joy to see the buttons being born and then opening. I love tomatoes, I'm hoping that his gardener was wonderful. Also, I love the spring.


Mhar's Display said...

@Sissy, wow! I bet your roses look really pretty. I would love to see pictures :)

Hugs too!