Mar 28, 2011

Watch Local Movies From Home

Another form of entertainment here at home is watching television. Morning, noon, and night time our television is on. But it is limited for a few hours because we are trying to lower our electric bill.

Since we got our Direct TV subscription, I began to see local movies from home. As you may know, we subscribe to Filipino channels also. There is a channel that plays movies way back in the '80s and '90s. I watch those 'tweetums' (sweet, cute films) and comedy films from my favorite movie stars. It is really nice to have Satellite TV connection because signal problems are not bad. Unlike the previous service we had before, our current subscription likely has tv shows and movies that are somewhat interesting to watch.

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anne said...

Lol I remember Direct tv when I was still working in a call center company hehehe visiting you back here from
Mary Anne’s Musings

Do you mind to visit me here too? Thanks

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Tita Beng said...

That's the advantage of Direct TV. At least, you get to remember old Pinoy films. Good for you!

Sissym said...

Sweet friend, I am here to invite you to receive a awards:

Beijos = Kisses

See you soon!

Mhar's Display said...

hi Anne, really? encountered makulit na subscribers? haha.

@tita Beng, yes tita beng. it makes me happy and relieves my homesickness sometimes :)

@sissym, sure my friend. will take the tag.