Mar 5, 2012

Enjoying The Fruit Of My Labor

Wee!  In two days I will be receiving payments for my online article writing tasks.  Yay!  Besides being a stress-relieving hobby, blogging is so much fun especially if you are earning.  I am blessed with opportunities.  Though time management is kind of critical right now, DAs trust my ability and diligence that I can deliver quality articles.  In addition, I also do this part time job to help my students back home.

I was in hiatus for about two years because of personal reasons (pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period).  Now, it's nice to be back-in blogging!  And I am enjoying the fruit of my labor.

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Vera said...

Congratulations :) I love blogging too, and getting some revenue from it too :)

Marms said...


Ain't it fun? It's really nice that we can monetize our blogs.