Mar 25, 2012

Shockingly, Horrible!

The truck in the picture and the car behind it are towed because more than 30 minutes ago, they were involved in a very shocking wreck.  Thew view is from our dining window.  

I heard a loud PAK!  And when I turned my eyes where the noise was, I saw the truck flew and rolled twice in the air before it landed on the ground.  Good thing it did not land upside side down.  It was shockingly horrible!  Then we called 911, I guess the other witnesses already did because we heard sirens.  I saw someone was running while carrying a child.  My husband said the child was in  the truck and the driver was his mother.  Authorities had difficulty opening the door of the truck.  

What I remembered, from the glimpse of my eyes, there was a vehicle running very fast from the opposite lane.  Then I heard that collision.  My husband said that the car was in the middle of the road.  Maybe got caught by the red light.  Gosh!  Traffic lights were built there to help control the traffic for road safety.  Hopefully their vehicles have insurance.  According to my husband nobody's dead.  The child was in shock.  The victims were immediately given medical attention in the ambulance and taken to the nearest hospital.  

This accident is one of the few that happened in that intersection.  I hope there will be no more.


Anne Louise said...

Stopping by…Have a nice weekend!!!

Sissym said...

That was terrible! I hope also there will be no more.