Mar 31, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Camping At The Park

Photo courtesy of my friend RJ.

We had a wonderful time at the birthday party this afternoon.  It was held at the lake in East Fork Park Wylie.  The kids had fun egg hunting too.  The eggs had chocolates and money inside.  Lots of eggs scattered all over the place and in the grass.  After the big party and egg hunting, some of my friends including the hosts stayed at the park for camping.  Sure I have thought of staying but my daughter is not old enough to take for a camp out.

chocolates and candies


unikorna said...

I love camping, the tents are amazing, not to mention the egg hunting :). The bigger tent looks really romantic.

emz said...

Hi Mar, visited your site today.

A Mom said...

loved camping:)

texas_sweetie said...

perting damua sa chocolates day oi... panghatag beh hehe...

Jenny Hinlo said...

I miss these days... Camping is fun..

Dori said...

This looks like so much fun! :)

Stopping by to say hello!

logan23 said...

the place really looks ideal for camping..
really nice time for family!!

Marms said...

@unikorna and jenny hinlo, i love camping too. i missed it. I cannot do it now because baby is too young for that.

@Emz, thank you so much :)

@A Mom, me too :)

@Texas_sweetie, hagbay rang nahurot dai :)

@Dori, hi dori. thanks for stopping by. yes, parties are so much fun.

@logan23, yes it is very serene at the lake.